Coolants GreenStream®

Greenstream® antifreeze is manufactured by M-standard LLC (Belarus, Minsk) under license and under the control of Chamäleon GmbH, Germany. TU BY 690652001.001-2010

ANTIFREEZE GreenStream ® is a new generation of red-colored ready-to-use coolant based on monoethylene glycol. Provides maximum protection for the engine and all parts of the cooling system due to a reinforced package of chemically stable inhibitors. The unique additive formula provides highly stable, year-round and optimal protection against corrosion, cavitation and swelling of rubber.

It is used for cooling internal combustion engines, as well as for use as working fluids in heat exchangers and systems operated at low and moderate temperatures: secondary circuits of refrigeration units, cooling of ice fields, solar panels, heat pumps, heat recovery systems, oil and gas heating, etc.


GreenStream ® antifreeze is designed to protect the passenger car engine from overheating and destruction. Contains a reinforced inhibitor package that provides a high degree of protection against all types of corrosion, cavitation, foaming and negative effects on rubber.



GreenStream ® antifreeze is compatible with most other ethylene glycol-based coolants. Since the benefits of this antifreeze are only noticeable when used independently, mixing it with other coolants is not recommended.


For guaranteed optimal protection of the engine from corrosion, overheating and freezing, it is recommended to flush the cooling system when replacing the fluid.Replace the coolant according to the vehicle’s operating instructions.

Storage conditions

Store in sealed manufacturer’s packaging in dry storage areas.

Shelf life

4 years old.


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