Oils from LUKOIL reduce the leader’s position on the market of mastic materials – the share in the industrial sector is 43%, and in the segment of oils for passenger cars – by 30%.


ELF oils are a legend of the middle of the world in the field of mastic materials. The ELF brand is suitable for such values, as an addiction to reach and change, emphasis on high technologies for achieving the quality of products in a premium class and professionalism for anyone who doesn’t tread the power of ELF.


Concern Total is an integrated energy company, a virobnik and a supplier of energy resources on a global scale.


The Shell Concern has united energy and naftochemical companies that are working in more than 70 countries around the world. The annual number of sportsmen in the concern has a warehouse of 92,000 people.


“Chempioil” is a brand of the Nimetsian concern SCT, vitreous materials for the automotive industry. Innovative technologies, victorious by SudheimerCar Technik – Vertriebs GmbH, when developed in virobusiness, allow Chempioil products not only to report to the international authorities of the international authorities on the basis of revisions


The company “Tosol-Sintez” is borrowing a leading position on the Russian market in the field of galvanizing, cooling, cold-running, motor mastic, car cosmetics and vitrified materials. The line of products includes a number of popular brands, including Felix, Rosdot, AWM, Glysantin, Sakura, Chistiy Mile.

Nano Batt

Innovative power, vicoristany in the technologies of battery power supply NANO BATT, allowing the battery to take a sufficient charge for more than three hours in the set by analogs and speed up the charge by the technology Distributor of JSCB TM NANO BATT in Ukraine є company TOV ‘Auto-Comfort’


Since 1939, the American company ABRO Industries Inc. I have spared my business of selling goods at a glance behind the car. This year’s comrade ABRO is delivered more than 175 countries around the world. In the eyes of the spouse, the ABRO trademark mintically associates not only with auto cosmetics, but also with goods by-run chemistry and awakening products. In the 90s, for the success of the robot in the export of products of the ABRO company, the Bula was awarded to the city of the President of the United States; at the same hour, the SND appeared on the market.


DENSO Corporation is a large Japanese engineering corporation specializing in the production of automotive components.


AGRINOL is one of the first independent companies producing lubricants and metal containers in Ukraine. Widely using conversion technology and equipment, a modern high-tech production was created in a short time.


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