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Auto-Comfort LLC is a distributor of Chempioil in Ukraine. Chempioil products are manufactured at the facilities of Chempioil Chemicals LTD (Switzerland).

Chamriop Chemicals LTD (Switzerland) is one of the European leaders in the production of automotive lubricants. Its products were first introduced to the market in 1993.

Today, Chemriop Chemicals has its head office at Freihofstrasse 28 Küsnacht, Switzerland and production lines in Klaipeda, UAB SCT Lubricants, Lithuania. The key principles of the company’s work are multi – level quality control and high accuracy like a Swiss Watch.

In 2003, Chemriop Chemicals LTD switched to a system of operation according to the European standards EN ISO 9001: 2000. This brought the company to an even higher level and allowed it to introduce a line of high-quality engine oils of the new generation Chempioil to the international market. In their production, base oils from well-known manufacturers Shell, Mol, Neste, Orlen are used, as well as additive packages Lubrizol, Infineum, Afton and RheinChemie, etc.

After passing the test, Chempioil engine oil was highly appreciated by such giants of the automotive industry as BMW, VOLVO, Volkswagen, Daimler Benz, etc.

Careful monitoring carried out by certified Swiss specialists at every stage of Chempioil oil production helps to improve the technical and operational characteristics of finished formulations.

Engine oils of this brand provide protection of the engine from increased loads, exposure to low and high temperatures, humidity; they are characterized by excellent versatility and can be used both in a mixed fleet and in heavily loaded diesel engines.

Today, CHAMPION CHEMICAL LTD products are successfully exported to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Morocco, Great Britain, Spain, the Baltic states, West Africa, etc.

Chempioil oil is a real European quality that guarantees an increase in engine life and reduces maintenance costs for your car.


Kharkiv region
Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye region
᠌ Poltava region
Kirovograd region
Donetsk, Luhansk regions
Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson areas

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